Date Published: 05/08/2012

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An email update from the National Professional Development Center on Inclusion and CONNECT: The Center to Mobilize Early Childhood Knowledge.

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CONNECT Module on Tiered Instruction Now Available.

Meet Emily, a pre-K teacher, and Michelle, a child care teacher, who are considering whether tiered instruction can promote children’s social emotional development and improve academic learning. Learn how tiered instruction, related to both social-emotional development and academic learning, can be used as a framework to enhance learning and development in young children enrolled in early care and education programs. Learn More: Learner Module | For Instructors

CONNECT’s Partnership with ACCESS.

CONNECT is continuing to work in partnership with Associate Degree Early Childhood Teacher Educators (ACCESS)  to provide ACCESS members with opportunities to learn how they can embed CONNECT Modules in Associate Degree classrooms in a Shared Knowledge & Practices model. ACCESS members who have used the modules have recently posted on their listserv how they have used the modules. Here are some examples:

I just used the CONNECT module on Dialogic Reading…This is a free resource which has videos and activities available.  I used in my class and the students were engaged in the material.   It did help my students with interactive reading to children.  Very powerful module”. – Lisa Stein, ACCESS Past President

I have not used [the] whole module start to finish; I pull out what seems to fit with our class. I have also used them for on-site training at a child care center, the teachers enjoyed them, and, they seemed to understand the idea of embedded interventions much better with the video clips.

CONNECT staff will be presenting to ACCESS members at a round table discussion organized by ACCESS at the upcoming NAEYC-PDI conference in Indianapolis.

Inclusion Institute Program Available Online.

Plan your time at the 2012 National Early Childhood Inclusion Institute; the conference program is available online at:


CONNECT Module Tips for Faculty and PD providers

Are you teaching an online class and want to upload a CONNECT module into your Learning Management System (LMS)?
We have developed a tutorial to show you how you can upload the module into your LMS. This document is available under Tips and Techniques on the Instructor Supports section of the CONNECT Modules website:


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Upcoming Presentations

2012 National Early Childhood Inclusion Institute in Chapel Hill, NC, May 14-16

  • Transforming Your Professional Development: Applying an Evidence-based Practice Approach (Pre-Institute Workshop – Registration Full)
    Presenters: Pam Winton, Virginia Buysse, Dale Epstein, and Chih-Ing Lim
  • A Guided Tour of the New CONNECT Module 7 on Tiered Instruction
    Presenters: Dale Epstein, Virginia Buysse, and Mary Louise Hemmeter
  • Inclusive Classroom Profile: Measuring the Quality of Inclusion in an Era of Accountability
    Presenters: Elena Soukakou, Lia Rucker, Tracey West, and Pam Winton
  • Evidence-Based Practices that  Support Inclusion
    Presenters: Camille Catlett, Pam Winton and Val Johnson
  • Resource “Booty” at Your Fingertips: Inclusion Treasures to Support Your Work
    Presenters: Camille Catlett and Joan Davis
  • A Great Early Childhood Workforce: We All Want One but How Do We Make It Happen?
    Presenters: Shelley deFosset, Sandy Wilberger, and Tracey West

21st NAEYC National Institute for Early Childhood Professional Development, June 10- June 13, 2012, Indianapolis, IN

  • CONNECT: An evidence-based practice approach to professional development
    Presenters: Pam Winton, Dale Epstein, Chih-Ing Lim, Beth Rous, Lisa Stein, and Alison Lutton
  • Higher education for improving teaching practice and outcomes for children: Taking paths to greater effectiveness
    Presenters: Marilou Hyson, Diane Horm, and Pam Winton
  • Shared leadership: Key ingredients for successful cross-sector partnerships
    Presenters: Megan Cox, Camille Catlett, Shivani Pandit, and Christopher Watson
  • Developing quality field experiences: Leadership challenges and lessons from teacher educators
    Presenters: Camille Catlett, Alison Lutton, Edyth Wheeler, and Anu Sachdev
  • Using DEC’s research and resources in early childhood pre- and in-service programs
    Presenters: Rosa Milagros Santos, Mary Louise Hemmeter, Camille Catlett, and Michaelene Ostrosky

Recent Presentations

  • 2012 National Smart Start Conference, April 30 – May 3, 2012
    Addressing Inclusion within Quality Rating and Improvement Systems
    Presenters: Pam Winton, Tracey West, and Lia Rucker

    • Exploring the Professional Development Landscape: Summary from Four States
      Presenters: Megan Cox, Heidi Hollingsworth, and Virginia Buysse
    • The Right Stuff: Evidence-Based Resources at Your Fingertips
      Presenter: Camille Catlett
  • 2012 American Educational Research Association (AERA) Meeting, April 13-17, 2012
    Knowledge to Action: The CONNECT (Center to Mobilize Early Childhood Knowledge) Web-Based Module on Dialogic Reading
    Presenter: Pam Winton
  • Early Education and Child Development SIG Business Meeting: Facilitating Collaborations and Joint Research.
    Keynote: Pam Winton


  • Module 1: Embedded Interventions:  Instructor Dashboard | Learner Module
    Learn about the practice of embedded interventions to help children participate in a variety of early learning opportunities and environments promoting high quality inclusion.
  • Module 2: Transition: Instructor Dashboard  | Learner Module
    Learn about practices to help support children and families as they transition among programs in the early care and education system.
  • Module 3: Communication for Collaboration: Instructor Dashboard | Learner Module
    Learn about effective communication practices that can be used to promote collaboration with professionals and families in early care and education, and intervention settings.
  • Module 4: Family-Professional Partnerships: Instructor Dashboard | Learner Module
    Learn about building trusting family-professional partnerships when working with families of young children.
  • Module 5: Assistive Technology Interventions: Instructor Dashboard | Learner Module
    Learn about the purpose, use and potential benefits of assistive technology interventions when working with young children.
  • Module 6: Dialogic Reading Practices: Instructor Dashboard | Learner Module
    Learn about the purpose, use and potential benefits of dialogic reading practices when working with young children.
  • Module 7: Tiered Instruction: Instructor Dashboard | Learner Module
    Learn about the purpose, use and potential benefits of tiered instruction when working with young children.

This newsletter is an initiative of the National Professional Development Center on Inclusion,
CONNECT: The Center to Mobilize Early Childhood Knowledge at the FPG Child Development Institute. Project funding is provided by the Office of Special Education Programs.