The CONNECT Steering Committee helps guide and advise on overall project direction, especially module development (e.g., content selection, depth & breadth, instructional approaches and resources).

Steering Committee Members

  •     Maggie Connolly, Fairview Child and Family Center
  •     Johnna Darragh-Ernst, Heartland Community College
  •     Samtra Devard, Part C – Birth to Three
  •     Larry Edelman, JFK Partners – C234
  •     Barbara Hanft
  •     Marilou Hyson
  •     Christine Lindauer
  •     Alison Lutton, NAEYC
  •     Phyllis Mondak, Virginia Department of Education
  •     Nancy Peeler, Michigan Dept of Community Health
  •   Aisha Ray, Erikson Institute
  •     Lourdes Rivera-Putz, United We Stand
  •     Catherine Scott-Little, UNC-Greensboro
  •     Patricia Snyder, University of Florida
  •     Lisa Stein, Atlantic Cape Comm College
  •     Flo Thompson, Wake Technical Community College
  •     Ann Turnbull, University of Kansas
  •     Naomi Tyler, Vanderbilt University