Audio 2.5: Rosemary’s Perspective (Tamiya’s mother)

The mother of Tamiya, a two year old girl turning three with developmental delays, shares her goals and concerns on her daughter’s transition into a preschool classroom (running time: 1 min. 07 sec.).


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My biggest concern is that I want Tamiya to feel comfortable in the classroom and be able to show her true personality. She is so fun-loving and affectionate at home. She sings, she dances. But when she is around other people that she doesn’t know (and even some she does know), she gets extremely shy. She won’t talk. If the first time Melanie meets her is in a strange situation with lots of other people and Tamiya won’t stop crying, I’m afraid she’s not going to want her in her classroom.

I would welcome Melanie to our home to let her see what day to day life is like for us. Melanie could see Tamiya’s personality, and how much she can do. I know this will raise Melanie’s expectations for Tamiya and help her see Tamiya’s strengths and capabilities.

I want to take things slowly at first. My schedule is flexible right now, so it’s ok if Tamiya doesn’t want to stay the full day at school in the beginning. I would much rather ease her into it, rather than just drop her off and leave her in tears. I just couldn’t do that.