Audio 2.7: Randah’s Perspective (physical therapist)

A physical therapist of a two year old girl turning three, shares her perspective on the child’s transition from early intervention to a preschool classroom (running time: 0 min. 53 sec.).


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I’ve worked with Tamiya since she was 6 months old and she is one tough little girl, and has always had a hard time with transitions. She has been through so much and has come so far. And I’m confident that she is up for this change. I’m so happy to know that I will continue to serve Tamiya at least twice a week in the program. And I hope, I’ll be a familiar face for her. And I am more than happy to help support the teachers and staff at the program on how to best care for her. I’ll be there to ask and answer questions, and to help identify any new supports they might need. This may mean trying to squeeze in some extra time with them for a short period and figuring out how that will affect my contract hours. I understand that they might be a little nervous, but I think they’ll quickly realize that they are capable.