Audio 2.8: Melanie B.’s Perspective (Tamiya’s early intervention service coordinator)

The early intervention service coordinator for a child turning three shares her perspective on the transition process from early intervention into a preschool program (running time: 0 min. 56 sec.).


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Melanie B:

I am glad that we were able to work with the public school to find a great placement for Tamiya. Finding the right spot for a child that the family feels comfortable with and the staff and practitioners are supportive of can sometimes be tricky. Tamiya’s Transition Conference and IFSP meeting to discuss her placement options went really well in this case. Soon after our meeting, Tamiya’s mother decided to start the referral process with the public school. Tamiya was found eligible for the program and they were able to settled on a program and classroom Tamiya’s mom and the IFSP team felt good about. Tamiya’s mom has been talking with Judy, the program administrator, and everything is moving along like clockwork. They are discussing ways they can support Tamiya in being ready for her first days in the classroom and we have added a few activities to Tamiya’s transition plan.