Audio 3.2: Vera Stroup-Rentier

Vera Stroup-Rentier has worked in the field of early intervention as a teacher, family service coordinator, and program coordinator, as well as in the field of early childhood as a classroom teacher and center director. She shares advice on communication and stresses the importance of having an open mind (running time: 0 min., 48 sec.).


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Well I think one of that is being open and knowing that we all have something to learn and that we all bring something to the table.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a practitioner with twenty years of experiences versus a brand new teacher or an occupational therapist.  We all bring something based on our own experiences with families and with children to contribute to the team.  So figuring out what those strengths are.  And really being open to hearing what people have to say related to their own practice as well as your own practice.  Because thinking about, we can always reflect on our own practice and make it better.  So thinking about ways that we can do that.