Audio 3.5: Ashley’s perspective (speech therapist)

A speech therapist shares her perspective on working with children in classroom settings and collaborating with the teachers and families (running time 0 min., 47 sec.).


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I am a firm believer in the importance of a team approach to interventions with children. If I’m not working collaboratively with the families and the other professionals in a child’s life, I am missing the boat. On the other hand, sometimes I get frustrated, especially when I see so many lost opportunities for learning for the children on my caseload. I feel like I explain and explain what to do as clearly as I can…it is frustrating not to be heard and to feel like interventions are not being carried out. It’s hard to go into someone else’s space once or twice a week and try to figure out how to incorporate an individual child’s plan into the structure and routines of that classroom. This is where I really need the teacher’s help and ideas to make sure it is reasonable