Audio 3.6: Susan’s perspective (David’s mother)

The mother of David, a 4-year old with language delays, shares her perspective addressing her son’s goals (running time: 0 min., 57 sec.).


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We are lucky that we have some wonderful professionals helping David and us. I really like his therapist and she is full of good ideas. His teacher is very supportive of us and of David. You can tell she thinks the world of David and does everything to make him feel welcome and part of the classroom. We all identified some intervention goals for David at his IEP meeting at the beginning of the year. When we have the next meeting, I’ll be interested in how they were implemented and how much progress he has made. I don’t want to put any more work on them, but we really would appreciate more regular informal updates from both the therapist and teacher on how these strategies are working. Sometimes I wish we were little clearer about our role in working on the goals, but at least I know good people who know what they are doing are involved.