Audio 4.8: Aaron’s perspective (little Aaron’s father)

The father of little Aaron, a 4-year-old boy in a preschool classroom, shares his thoughts on being involved in the classroom and his views on little Aaron’s teacher, China (running time: 0 min., 51 sec.).


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With five kids at home, maybe I’m not going over numbers and ABCs with the twins all the time. But with my other children I do spend time volunteering in their classrooms. I think it’s important to be involved. Last year, when I went to little Aaron’s classroom to read to him and his friends, one of the teachers actually said: “Why are you here?” Well, I know I’m not welcome. But I don’t worry about that too much. I haven’t gotten any bad reports from the classroom, so I’m sure the teachers have everything under control. Aaron is usually pretty well behaved for me. He does what I tell him to do in the morning – he goes in the classroom, washes his hands, and he gives me a hug and says goodbye. And things are going good so far with China. She’s nice and polite. She and I need to work on keeping the communication lines open if anything changes.