Audio 5.5: Holly’s Perspective (Sophie’s mother)

The mother of Sophie, a two-year-old girl with language and physical delays, discusses her feelings about wanting to help Sophie communicate.


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When Sophie turned 2, we decided to start focusing more on her communication. I knew I would be returning to work soon and it would be important for Sophie to be able to tell others her wants and needs when I wasn’t around. Only our family can understand what each of her noises or gestures mean, and we struggle at times too. We know that it will take time for Sophie to learn to talk, and who knows how far she will go, but we want to give her the power to communicate now. We want her to be able to communicate more with her dad and me, her brothers & sisters, and her grandparents – whether that’s using communication boards or maybe getting a device to speak for her. We are determined to help Sophie communicate any and every way she can.