Audio 5.6: Karen’s perspective (speech therapist)

Sophie’s speech therapist shares her thoughts about working with Sophie and using assistive technology to help her communicate. She also talks about her willingness to work with Ms. Mary, Sophie’s child care provider, to make her more comfortable with using assistive technology.


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I started working with Sophie when she turned 2. Sophie likes sensory play such as tickles and bouncing, textured books, music, singing and loves water play. With Sophie’s lack of verbal abilities and words, we should provide her with some communication supports. We would always continue to encourage her to use her words when possible and give her lots of opportunities to practice – but with the addition of assistive technology, we could expand her ability to communicate far beyond her limited number of words. I made some communication boards for Holly to post around the house and outside and I loaned her a few basic voice output devices that she could record messages on for Sophie to make choices and comment especially during an activity such as a tickle game. So now that Sophie is going to Ms. Mary’s a few days a week, it will be important that her communication system go with her. I would be more than happy to meet with Ms. Mary and talk about the communication boards and any other AT for Sophie. She’s part of Sophie’s circle now and we all have to work together.