Audio 6.2: Samtra Devard

Samtra, the mother of three children, including one who has a disability, talks about why it is important for teachers to know and use research-based literacy practices with young children with disabilities. (running time: 1 min. 31 sec.)


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I didn’t know how literacy instruction worked and how does reading instruction have an, I mean for a typical child, you know, we all as parents we’re told, read to our children and we do so, you know, for pleasure for you know, just fun, and for activity with our kids but what is really important for children with disabilities, and this is just something I’ve discovered with my daughter is the actual building blocks needed to learn to read and those are something that I wasn’t aware of as a parent. So that I could be a partner with the instructors throughout the entire journey of literacy for my daughter.  And when I know that a leading program or methods of instruction that are being enacted with my daughter are research based it says that there is a framework  that the instructor will be operating in and we will look to make adaptations or modifications as required for my child in particular. But we have a solid foundation.