Audio 7.3: Michelle’s perspective (academic learning)

A child care teacher shares her perspective on using a tiered approach in her classroom to address academic learning (running time: 0 min., 52 sec.).


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Making sure that I have a literacy-rich classroom has always been important to me, because I know how critical language and literacy skills are for young children to be successful in school. But I have struggled with how to make sure that I am meeting the needs of all of the children in my class regardless of their different learning levels. I’ve learned that a tiered approach can help me organize instruction by how intensive it needs to be—foundational instruction for all children and targeted interventions for some who need more supports to learn.  Also, I now have a better understanding of how formative assessment works, but I’m still not sure which assessments I should be using and how to use this information to make decisions for individual children.  I am excited about this new approach, and am ready to take some next steps. I plan to explore more with the other teachers and my program administrator about how to use formative assessment at our next team meeting.