Vídeo 1.16: Rotina no contexto de educação de infância – ler sentados em roda

A teacher combines several embedded interventions into circle time to support Jacob’s learning and participation (running time: 1 min. 24 sec.).


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Today, in Jacob’s classroom, his teacher is reading a book, that was especially made for him to fit his needs for speech articulation practice.

As you can see, she’s reading this book that all the kids love with the entire group. In this way, all the children provide models for Jacob for the words that have been embedded in this little story that had his target.
So, everybody says the words, everybody loves it. And Jacob, who is the little boy to the left of the screen with the blue shirt on, he gets some practice and he gets additional models.
As well as the activity being a nice integrated part of his everyday classroom routines as they have this circle time every day.
You can see they’re also using a mirror because they’re also talking a little bit about putting their lips together to make the bilabial m, b, and p sounds.