Video 1.10: Routine in a program – water play


A classmate, Ava, is paired with Luke to introduce him to a new activity in water play. With the prompting of the teacher, Ava takes Luke’s hand and leads him through the sprinkler. Ava was chosen for this peer support strategy as she is a gentle, easy going classmate and she and Luke get along well (running time: 1 min. 13 sec.).


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This video shows Luke a 3 year old boy with language delays at school. His teacher is prompting a classmate to introduce Luke to a new water play activity.


Can you say, “Here, Luke, here’s the ducky.” Look, Luke.


Here’s the ducky.


Look, Luke. Look, Luke. Ava’s giving you the ducky. Say, “Thank you.”  He said, “Thank you, Ava.”


Luke. Ava, come take Luke to the water. Can you take Luke to the water and walk through there?  Tell Luke, “Come on, Luke.”


Come on, Luke.


Go with Ava. Walk him through the water, Ava, so he’ll get wet.


Do you like it, Luke? Want to do it again? Ava, do it again with him. Take him back through. Edward, watch out. Step back some, Edward.

Come back, Luke. You like it? Luke, You like it? You do?