Video 1.7: Routine in a program – building with blocks


A speech therapist works with a toddler in a child care facility. The therapist models appropriate communication orally, using signs, and using a picture board. She encourages a response by withholding toys and requiring him to ask for them (running time: 1 min. 08 sec.).


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This video clip shows a speech therapist working with a boy in a child care setting. She encourages the child to use his words by withholding access to the desired toys; and models communication using signs and a picture board.

Speech Therapist:

Oh. Come here. People in. People in block. Ohhh. Ouch.

Oh my block. What? What? Are they mine? My blocks. You want block? You want block? Do you want block? What do you want, Simon? Do you want people or block.

Blocks. Blocks. Right, blocks. Now you want more block? I want block.