Video 7.1: The teacher’s viewpoint- Social emotional development


Emily, a pre-K teacher, shares a dilemma about whether to use tiered instruction to promote children’s social emotional development and address challenging behaviors (running time: 1 min., 9 sec.).


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I’m the lead teacher in a blended Head Start-public Pre-K classroom with four-year-old children.  Two of the children have developmental delays and receive special education services. Several other children in my class are not eligible for special education, but they have difficulties following classroom routines and getting along with other children. I also have one child who has regular meltdowns and occasionally is aggressive with the other children. All of the children need my attention, but some just need it more than others. It’s sometimes difficult to figure out how to meet everybody’s needs at the same time.  Last year, my program adopted a new tiered approach that is supposed to help me organize the learning environment in a way that promotes children’s social-emotional development.  I’m just not sure how this will work and whether it will be better than what I’m already doing.