CONNECT Module 1: Embedding Module 1 into an In-Service Setting

by Sandy Ginther
& Linda Robinson

CONNECT Modules are designed using an evidence-based practice approach to professional development.  Module 1: Embedded Interventions includes over 20 videos activities, and handouts. This month, instructors from both college and in-service training settings share  how they incorporated Module 1 into their  professional development activities.  Your questions and comments are invited.
inclusion of young children at the PEAK Parent Training Information Center’s annual family conference in Denver, Colorado.  Organizing the institute around the CONNECT 5 step approach and various other approaches, inclusion was discussed, strategized and explored.

Interactive, personal and cooperative activities lead to problem–solving experiences across the day.  Participants were invited to bring their dilemmas related to an inclusive early start in life.  The benefit of early inclusion in fulfilling the promises of education became the basis for the content of this institute.   Educational laws provide the foundation for all that was covered. The audience included family members and those who work with young children. Also presenting was Abbey Heins, a self-advocate.

Community Questions

  • Comments or questions for Sandy and Linda?
  • How might you incorporate Module 1: Embedded Interventions in your upcoming PD?
  • What resources do you use when teaching about inclusion?

About the Authors: Sandy left the medical field 26 years ago when her daughter was born with Down Syndrome. She became active in local, state, and national endeavors related to children and disability. Sandy has worked with Project CHOICES, has directed a grant-funded Early Intervention Program, and has been an Illinois statewide Early Intervention trainer.
Linda has been a coordinator, technology trainer, and curriculum specialist on a number of federally funded projects at the Center and has a Masters of Science in Early Childhood Education degree. She has presented at numerous state, regional, national, and international conferences over the past 27 years and has taught an undergraduate course in assistive technology. She is currently Director of STARNET Regions I & III.