Step 2: Question

In Step 2 you will turn the dilemma about how to build a trusting partnership into an answerable question to help guide the search for evidence on a particular practice.

You can use a tool called PICO to help create a focused question that is answerable through research. PICO identifies the most essential information needed for this question. This information consists of short phrases that can be entered into a web-based search engine to find the best available research evidence on a particular practice such as partnership-oriented practices.  PICO requires that you identify the following information to develop the answerable question:

P – Person (characteristics of the children who will receive the intervention)

I – Interventions being considered

C – Comparison to other interventions (if there is research that compares two or more interventions)

O – Outcomes desired

Use PICO to identify the important information from the dilemma about how to build a trusting partnership with a family and create the answerable question in Activity 4.2a.

After you complete Activity 4.2a, view an answerable question related to the dilemma about building a trusting partnership.

View Answerable Question

In working with families of young children in early care and education programs (P), are partnership-oriented practices (I) effective in promoting trusting family-professional partnerships (O)?