DEC Recommended Practices

The DEC Recommended Practices (2014) are based on the best available empirical evidence as well as the wisdom and experience of the field. The Family topic area of the DEC Recommended Practices are addressed in Practices F1-F10 which are organized into three themes:

  • Family-centered practices: Practices that treat families with dignity and respect; are individualized, flexible, and responsive to each family’s unique circumstances; provide family members complete and unbiased information to make informed decisions; and involve family members in acting on choices to strengthen child, parent, and family functioning.
  • Family capacity-building practices: Practices that include the participatory opportunities and experiences afforded to families to strengthen existing parenting knowledge and skills and promote the development of new parenting abilities that enhance parenting self-efficacy beliefs and practices.
  • Family and professional collaboration: Practices that build relationships between families and professionals who work together to achieve mutually agreed upon outcomes and goals that promote family competencies and support the development of the child.

Activity: Activity 4.9a Consider the policy and DEC Recommended Practices on family-professional relationships

Supplemental Materials

To learn more about the NAEYC and DEC professional guidelines, and the Head Start Performance Standards, see Supplemental Materials.