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Using CONNECT modules to modify existing courses for early childhood providers

By Debbie Lickey and Deana Buck

Debbie Lickey and Deana Buck from the Virginia Paraprofessional Early Childhood Project share how they worked with community college faculty to embed CONNECT Modules into several courses in the program of studies. Read about what they did and share your examples.

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Portuguese Adaptation of CONNECT Module 1: Two Years and A Pilot Study Later

By Raquel Corval

How did learners respond to the Portuguese adaptation and translation of CONNECT Module 1: Embedded Interventions? Raquel Corval from Portugal shares her experience on using CONNECT Module 1 with her learners. Read about what she did and share your examples.

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Discussions by CONNECT Module

Module 1

Embedded Interventions

Embedding Module 1 into an In-Service Setting by Sandy Ginther and Linda Robinson


Setting: In-Service Primary discipline: Early childhood special education

Format: Face-to-Face

Module 2


Transition and Therapy Services by Christine Myers

(10+ comments)

Setting: 4-year IHE Primary discipline: Occupational Therapy

Module 3

Communication for Collaboration

Communication – it’s more than just words by Hatice Dogan

(20+ comments)

Setting: Graduate Primary discipline: Early childhood

Course: Families and Teams (Interdisciplinary)

Format: Face-to-Face

Module 4

Family-Professional Partnership

Using Module 4 Family-Professional Partnerships to Enhance Students’ Understanding of Families and the NAEYC Professional Preparation Standards by Nancy Grausam

(30+ comments)

Setting: 2-year IHE Primary discipline: Early childhood

Course: Young Children with Special Needs

Format: Face-to-Face

Embedding Module 1 into a College Course by Johnna Darragh


Setting: 2-year IHE Primary discipline: Early childhood

Courses: Introduction to ECE, Introduction to Special Education

Format: Online and Face-to-Face

CONNECT Module on Transition Supports National EC Priorities by Rena Hallam

(20+ comments)

Setting: 4-year IHE

Primary discipline: Early childhood

Subject: Early childhood policies

Using CONNECT Modules to teach graduate students how they can use evidence based practices by Susan Fowler

(10+ comments)

Setting: Graduate Primary discipline: Special Education

Format: Hybrid (Face-to-Face and Online)

Module 5

Assistive Technology Interventions

Using CONNECT Module 5: Assistive Technology Interventions in an Online Course by Kathy Allen

(5+ comments)

Using Assistive Technology Interventions with Young Children

by Dale Epstein

(5+ comments)

Module 6

Dialogic Reading Practices

Using CONNECT Module to Help Preservice Teachers Implement Dialogic Reading Practices by Sharon Palsha

(5+ comments)

Module 7

Tiered Instruction

Using CONNECT Module 7: Tiered Instruction in an Online Course by Cathy Collie

Additional CONNECT Modules Discussions

Beyond the Inner Circle: Busting Barriers to Implementation of the CONNECT Modules By Marilou Hyson CONNECT Modules provide a rich resource to faculty and PD providers, so why doesn’t everyone use them?  Are there new ways to “slice and dice” the CONNECT Module pie?  Join Marilou Hyson for a discussion about barriers to module use and ways to bust through those barriers.

Where I started Posted by Lisa Stein Lisa Stein from Atlantic Cape Community College shares her story about getting started with CONNECT Modules and invites you to share your examples and questions. Links to CONNECT Module instructor support materials are provide as well.

CONNECT Modules: An International Perspective Posted by Raquel Corval
Raquel Corval, a visiting scholar from Portugal, discusses cross-cultural implications of using the CONNECT Modules in her home country.

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