We are looking for a small group of committed field testers to implement CONNECT Module 7: Tiered Instruction in their undergraduate course this fall (Aug – Dec 2012). There will be a small monetary incentive for your participation. If you are not teaching this Fall but know of others who may be interested to embed this module into their coursework, please let them know of this opportunity.  The requirements for being a field tester are:

1)            Use the module according to the 5-Step Learning Cycle within 1 course.

2)            Choose to use either the social emotional content or the academic learning content.

3)            Participate in online discussions during the field testing period to share how you are using the module and pose questions or challenges;

4)            Participate in a phone interview (about 30 minutes) at the end of the field test

Please contact Chih-Ing at connect@unc.edu if you are interested or have any questions.