A. What is Meant by Assessment and Evaluation

Assessment is the process of systematically gathering information as part of an evaluation. Evaluation is a broader term that refers to all of the methods used to find out what happens as a result of using a specific intervention or practice. The knowledge that practitioners and families gain as a result of evaluating a practice through assessment helps them understand the effects of the intervention, make appropriate changes to a current practice, or plan new interventions, if needed. For example, in Luke’s case, gathering assessment information about his progress at home and at school as a result of using embedded interventions could help the team evaluate whether Luke’s current intervention strategies are working.  The results of an evaluation also can indicate the need to consider additional strategies to support Luke’s learning.

To learn how embedded interventions are working, Jackie and Luke’s family will need to gather assessment information to help them evaluate the effects of embedded learning on Luke’s progress in learning new skills.   Assessment guidelines that outline how the goals will be measured and how often the program will report progress should be documented on Luke’s IEP.