Summary and Wrap up

Let’s review what you have learned in Module 1 about how to help a child with disabilities participate fully in daily routines and activities in inclusive settings.

  • In Step 1 you read about a practice dilemma involving Luke, his family, his teacher, Jackie, and other professionals.
  • In Step 2 you turned this practice dilemma into an answerable question, with a focus on finding out whether practices called embedded interventions would promote Luke’s participation at home and at school.
  • In Step 3 you considered key sources of general evidence about embedded interventions, including the best available research evidence about the effectiveness of embedded interventions, policies and professional guidelines, including DEC Recommended Practices, and families’ experience-based knowledge about embedded interventions.
  • In Step 4 you integrated these sources of evidence with the perspectives of Luke’s family and professionals to make an informed practice decision, and designed an activity matrix for implementing your decision.
  • Finally, in Step 5, you considered ways to evaluate the plan for promoting Luke’s participation.