by Dale Epstein

CONNECT Module Coordinator

Join us for a quick discussion of an audio clip on Assistive Technology, part of the new CONNECT Module 5.

Assistive technology is often thought of only in terms of high tech, expensive devices, when in fact it incorporates much more. In CONNECT Module 5: Assistive Technology Interventions, a wide range of assistive technology interventions are presented including types of equipment, simple adaptations to materials and routines, and using assistive technology to promote participation in everyday settings.

CONNECT just released its newest module- Assistive Technology Interventions.  In this clip from the module, Dr. Patsy Pierce, a speech-language pathologist and AT expert, discusses three important things to consider when working with children who use assistive technology.  We invite your comments on the video clip and the questions below.


(running time 1 min. 18 sec.)

Community Questions

  • Which kinds of assistive technology are you most familiar with?
  • •  What is your experience in working with young children who use assistive technology?
  • •  Have you noticed any advances in assistive technology in the last few years?