1. Identify steps and strategies to support Tamiya’s transition

The steps and strategies for Tamiya’s transition should be documented so that all team members are aware of the plan and understand next steps.

  • Logistical steps, such as information exchange to support decisions about services at age three for Tamiya and activities to prepare Tamiya for a new setting, are documented in a Transition Plan as part of the IFSP. (Handout 2.10: Transition Plan)
  • Goals for Tamiya’s adjustment, learning and development in the new setting were written and documented on an IEP. (Handout 2.11: Tamiya’s Individualized Education Program)
  • Transition activities can be documented on a Transition Activities Worksheet. (Handout 2.12: Transition Activities Worksheet) For example, one activity to support Tamiya’s adjustment to her new classroom is to adapt the classroom environment to support her engagement in the classroom activities.