Step 2: Question

In Step 2 you will turn the dilemma about how to communicate effectively into an answerable question to help guide the search for evidence on a particular practice.

You can use a tool called PICO to help create a focused question that is answerable through research. PICO identifies the most essential information needed for this question. This information consists of short phrases that can be entered into a web-based search engine to find the best available research evidence on a particular practice such as communication. PICO requires that you identify the following information to develop the answerable question:

P – Person (characteristics of the child or family who will receive the intervention)

I – Interventions being considered

C – Comparison to other interventions (if there is research that compares two or more interventions)

O – Outcomes desired

Use PICO to identify the important information from the dilemma about how to communicate effectively and create the answerable question in Activity 3.2a.

After you complete Activity 3.2a, view an answerable question related to the dilemma about communication practices.

View answerable question

For early childhood professionals (P), are communication practices (I) effective in promoting collaboration with other professionals and families (O)?