Supplemental Materials

Division for Early Childhood. (2014). DEC recommended practices in early intervention/early childhood special education 2014. Retrieved from

Communication Resource

“Working Together” is a collection of resources developed by CADRE designed to support effective collaboration between parents, schools, and early childhood programs. It includes short videos, a study guide and related resources on Listening Skills and Understanding Positions & Interests.

Consultation and coaching in early childhood settings

This practical handbook is for early childhood professionals working as consultants to educators and caregivers of children from birth through age 5. Buysse, V., & Wesley, P. W. (2005). Consultation in early childhood settings. Baltimore, MD: Brookes.

This practical handbook on coaching is for early intervention professionals who support those who support families with young children in natural settings. Hanft, B. E., Rush, D. D., & Shelden, M. L. (2004). Coaching families and colleagues in early childhood. Baltimore, MD: Brookes.

Rush, D.D. & Shelden, M.L. (2011). The early childhood coaching handbook. Baltimore, MD: Brookes.

Preservice education on active listening

McNaughton, D., et al. (2008).  Learning to listen:  Teaching an active listening strategy to preservice education professionals.  Topics in Early Childhood Special Education, 27, 223-231.

Learning from the field of early intervention about communication

This chapter provides tips and examples for effectively communicating with families and others. Winton, P. J.,  Brotherson, M. J., & Summers, J. A. (2008).  Learning from the field of early intervention about partnering with families. In M. Cornish (Ed.), Promising practices for partnering with families in the early years (pp. 21-40)Greenwich, CT: Information Age.