1. Identify Luke’s learning goals

In a previous activity, you heard Jackie and Luke’s  mother talk about Luke’s learning goals.  These goals which are documented on Handout 1.7: Luke’s IEP, include the following:

  • Luke will use any means to communicate across a range of communication functions (requesting objects, actions and information; commenting; getting attention; acknowledging);
  • Luke will engage in simple peer interactions using communication and play actions to join activities, play early games, share materials, and negotiate typical conflicts.

To learn more about how to consider a child’s daily routines, activities, and interests in developing IEP goals, view Handout 1.8: Home Assessment Worksheet and Handout 1.9: Program Assessment Worksheet that were completed for Luke.

Supplemental Materials

To learn more about IEPs, view the Head Start Center for Inclusion resources.  More…