Determining how to Use the Prompts

Every time you use a CROWD prompt, follow a specific sequence used within dialogic reading. This specific sequence is called PEER and it stands for Prompt, Evaluation, Expansion, and Repetition. First, the reader uses a prompt, such as a question or statement, to initially engage the children (“What’s that?”).  Second, the reader evaluates the children’s responses to the prompt (“That’s right. It’s a firetruck.”). Third, the reader expands the children’s responses by introducing new vocabulary, adding new details or information (“It’s a big, red firetruck.”), or asking an open-ended question (“Tell me what else you notice about the firetruck.”).  Last, the reader repeats the prompt to provide another opportunity for the children to use the language or information learned through the expansions (“What’s this again?”). Until you become comfortable using the PEER sequence, you may want to write these steps down as a reminder during dialogic reading.   Refer to Handout 6.4 for more information about the PEER sequence and CROWD prompts.