DEC Recommended Practices

The DEC Recommended Practices (2014) are based on the best available empirical evidence as well as the wisdom and experience of the field. The Instruction topic area of the DEC Recommended Practices is a second source of evidence to help guide decision-making. The following practices are particularly relevant to tiered instruction:

INS2. Practitioners, with the family, identify skills to target for instruction that help a child become adaptive, competent, socially connected, and engaged and that promote learning in natural and inclusive environments.

INS3. Practitioners gather and use data to inform decisions about individualized instruction.

INS4. Practitioners plan for and provide the level of support, accommodations, and adaptations needed for the child to access, participate, and learn within and across activities and routines.

INS10. Practitioners implement the frequency, intensity, and duration of instruction needed to address the child’s phase and pace of learning or the level of support needed by the family to achieve the child’s outcomes or goals.